ProDirectional Innovates Titanium Transmission to Drill Two-Mile Lateral in 4.69 Days

November 21, 2023
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

The Challenge

ProDirectional had been drilling multiple sections (vertical, curve, and lateral) in one run for a two-mile lateral well for close to two years with one of our long-term clients. 

This operator was happy with the level of success they were seeing and were pleased with the results. 

However, they are a high performer so we reviewed ways that ProDirectional could take their performance to the next level. We are always looking at technology innovations to continually exceed the industry standard.

The Solution

Our application engineers and mechanical engineering team got to work. After determining we could more consistently reach TD in one run with a more robust torque transmission technology, they developed an updated design that would be exceptionally reliable and durable for this operator.

The ProFlex Titanium Transmission, made from titanium, was designed for clients like this in mind — those who value state-of-the-art technology and understand the expertise required to operate it in the field. 

We reviewed the challenges of the application and determined that we needed to use a premium 7” power section with the ProFlex Titanium for this VCL. The operator trusted our expertise based on their long-term relationship with our team and was ready to get started.

The Result

Using the ProFlex Titanium Transmission, our team:

  • Drilled a two-mile lateral well spud to TD in 4.69 days
  • Drilled 12.25” intermediate and 8.5” vertical/curve/lateral each in one run, averaging 253 feet per hour
  • Drilled the curve in 7 hours

These exceptional results were possible with our proprietary titanium directional drilling technology and our highly knowledgeable field crew. With the typical equipment available in the market today, drilling a well in similar conditions would have taken significantly longer.

ProDirectional further reduced non-productive time for the operator, saving them a considerable amount in operating costs.

Our level of innovation and engineering design is something we’re incredibly proud of. We’re not satisfied with mediocre results, even if our clients are happy. It is always our goal to exceed client expectations, and work towards creating solutions that take our directional drilling performance to the next level — well ahead of the market.

Get in touch with ProDirectional today to learn more about how we can optimize your drilling performance with our technology and field expertise.