Prodirectional Drilling Sprint MWD

Sprint MWD

Minimize non-productive time with more data at your fingertips.


Don’t choose between reliability and speed of data transmission

With ProDirectional’s Sprint MWD, operators get both — along with a simplified field set up process. Leading the industry in service and performance, Sprint MWD delivers a number of benefits that competitors can’t match.

Prodirectional Sprint

Get peace of mind with minimized NPT

Sprint MWD has been engineered with simplicity in mind. There are minimal components which drastically reduce the overall complexity to decrease potential failure points. The proprietary OptiPulse technology optimizes protocols to produce pulse signatures that reduce decoding errors. In addition, we use the industry’s most stringent repair standards to ensure our tools are always fit for duty.

Prodirectional Sprint

Receive data at rates up to 8 bits per second

The speed of data transmission allows operators to perform surveys in under 28 seconds, significantly reducing flat time. Plus, continuous inclination and azimuth can be provided at near survey quality for precise well placement and enhanced steerability. Custom data compression allows calculated surveys, 6-axis raw surveys, continuous measurements, azimuthal gamma ray, and total gamma ray to be transmitted at increased data density rates.

Prodirectional Sprint

Enhances reliability with ease of use

Sprint MWD has a simple surface system that can be rigged up and programmed quickly with less opportunity for human error. The surface system interface is easy to read and intuitive to use. This leads to less data misinterpretation and higher accuracy.

Find out how Sprint technology reduces flat time while increasing data accuracy

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ProDirectional is the leader in innovative MWD technology

Operators need more insight into their drilling operations, without the excessive non-productive time that comes with some MWD equipment. The Sprint MWD ecosystem offers both speed and reliability, helping operators enhance performance.

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