Prodirectional CoreSight Realtime Coring Technology

CoreSight real-time coring technology

Bringing conventional coring into the 21st century

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Transforming the coring process for our customers — and the industry

CoreSight is the only real-time coring tool that offers instant understanding of downhole progress, giving operators peace of mind during coring operations. With increased ROPs, higher efficiencies, and the elimination of milling, we’re alleviating the major issues associated with reliably capturing core.

Prodirectional Drilling Customers

Improve efficiency and recovery with real-time downhole data

CoreSight offers accurate and data-driven jam detection. Milling is prevented with the ability to track core entry into the barrel. Shock and vibration data streaming from the coring assembly allows for operating parameter optimization. In addition, gamma while coring gives geological data in real time to properly target the coring zone.

Prodirectional Drilling Customers

Increase performance with proprietary engineering and design

Higher coring efficiencies result in longer core runs and fewer trips for assemblies. Operators can maximize core recovery with real-time monitoring. CoreSight also increases ROP and core quality through internal designs and vibration mitigation. You will require fewer days to core, which ultimately saves time and money to come in under your coring budget.

Prodirectional Drilling Customers

Trust the industry leader in conventional coring

ProDirectional has extensive experience coring across the U.S. and abroad with more than 150 years of collective coring experience. Our expertise and in-house engineering capabilities have allowed us to create a coring system that exceeds client expectations and maximizes the ability to analyze and assess their rock.

Learn how ProDirectional’s CoreSight technology gives operators more insight into their coring operations

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More data means enhancing operations on your well

For too long, coring tools have been stuck in the dark ages. ProDirectional offers operators more insight, more data, and a better understanding of their well with CoreSight. When coring needs to be done, it needs to be done right.

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