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Don’t compromise on service quality — enhance it
A wealth of expertise at your team’s fingertips, working to improve drilling performance and reduce NPT.

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Reduce your day rate for directional services while receiving additional value

Remote operations with ProDirectional will improve your bottom line — but not just in the way you’re thinking. While remote operations does reduce the number of personnel on the rig site, the real value comes from the MWD and drilling expertise you have available on call.

ProDirectional’s Remote Operations Center (ROC) is based out of our headquarters location in Conroe, Texas. As a result, the staff in the ROC have immediate access to our coordinators, our technical services personnel, and our full engineering staff. Imagine all of those people — with their decades of expertise — helping to improve drilling performance for your well at any given time. That’s the value we bring to you.

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Exceptional service quality for exceptional drilling performance results

We continually optimize our service delivery model using a combination of rig site services and remote operations to meet the needs of your specific drilling application. Our ROC capabilities are built on a strong investment in digital technologies, software, system redundancy, and personnel development. With the experience of supporting more than 30,000 remote tours, we have seen a range of client needs that has allowed us to evolve our service delivery model to optimally meet every possible requirement.

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With ProDirectional’s Remote Operations Center, we provide the following services:

MWD services

Directional drilling services

Drilling optimization support

Pre and post run QC checks

Downhole and surface system troubleshooting support

Anti-collision (AC) monitoring and oversight

Put our investment in remote operations to work for you.

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You drill 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We ensure you have service available 100% of the time.

Our ROC provides service for mission critical tasks on the rig, so we know that service interruption is not an option. We have:

Prodirectional Drilling Service

Built-in power system redundancy

Prodirectional Drilling Service

Multiple communication lines available for backups

Prodirectional Drilling Service

Disaster recovery plan

Prodirectional Drilling Service

Extreme weather event protocols

When it comes to reliability, our Remote Operations Center strives for perfection. That’s how we continue to enhance performance while reducing non-productive time — all of the time.

Exceeding your expectations, one tour at a time

A wealth of expertise to overcome any challenge on your rig.