Prodirectional Drilling Well Planning

Reach your project goals every time

Well planning services to ensure a successful project.

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Every project begins with a detailed well plan

At ProDirectional, our goal is to help you reach your project goals. As with any endeavor, a strategic plan ensures we achieve what we set out to. Here’s how we do it:


Client consultation:

Before we start planning, a member of our in-house well planning team meets with you to learn about the goals for the project, any obstacles that might stand in the way, and other pertinent information.


Plan building:

We use the latest well planning software to build a robust blueprint of your project. We use industry-leading software such as Landmark’s Compass and proprietary field logging software, among other tools.


Internal debrief:

Our well planners and directional coordinators use the well plan along with the expertise of our collective team to provide our field personnel with the necessary details to begin drilling operations.


Drilling operations:

All of our field personnel use the appropriate hardware and software to continuously monitor and direct your drilling operation. The field personnel, drilling coordinators, and drilling supervisors are available to you 24/7 to discuss any concerns.


Insightful reports:

We provide daily reports to our clients during operations. After the job is complete, we offer a highly detailed and accurate report with a summary of how the project was carried out and the goals we achieved.

Your goals are our priority

Let’s reach them together.