Prodirectional Drilling Survey Management for Wellbore Accuracy

Survey management

Improve wellbore accuracy while reducing risk.

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ProDirectional Tackles Uncertainty and Risks in Wellbore Positioning

Wellbore positioning is a process where there is always some degree of uncertainty. In addition, there are increased risks associated with tighter wellbore spacing. As a seasoned horizontal and directional drilling company, we help our clients meet these challenges head on.

ProDirectional has partnered with industry leaders to establish a team of survey management specialists that work with clients to improve wellbore accuracy and reduce the risk associated with tight wellbore spacing.

Here’s how we accurately position the well while minimizing the uncertainty that is inherent in the drilling process

Prodirectional Drilling Wellbore

Open communication

We work closely with all members of the drilling operations team.

Prodirectional Drilling Wellbore

Stringent processes

We conduct pre- and post-drilling checks of all wellbore positioning data.

Prodirectional Drilling Wellbore

Enhanced QA/QC

We use advanced techniques for collecting and checking survey data.

Prodirectional Drilling Wellbore

Minimized obstacles

We eliminate magnetic interference from both crustal and BHA sources.

Prodirectional Drilling Wellbore

No guesswork

We create definitive end-of-well reports with corrected survey information.

Prodirectional Drilling Wellbore

Careful research

We use survey database audits to ensure the accuracy of all wellbore positions and associated error models.

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