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ProDirectional Electromagnetic (EM) MWD

Drill in challenging environments with rugged EM telemetry technology from ProDirectional. Minimize non-productive time with more data at your fingertips.
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When the characteristics of the job call for EM telemetry, we can reliably meet your requirements

In some drilling applications, EM MWD is a better choice than mud pulse telemetry in order to maximize performance and telemeter data to the surface. ProDirectional has invested in industry-leading EM technology that provides exceptionally accurate downhole measurements, even in challenging drilling environments in order to minimize non-productive time.

While mud pulse telemetry has a proven performance in many applications, electromagnetic MWD is a more effective choice in certain geographies and applications. ProDirectional’s EM MWD is best when you’re drilling in the following conditions:

Using fit-for-purpose technology that is designed for the job at hand ensures you get the best performance results at an optimal cost.

Our level of tool maintenance allows you to rest easy when Pro is working for you

ProDirectional applies our rigorous quality and maintenance program to every single tool that we utilize — and this includes our EM MWD. We digitally track tool utilization and any repair and maintenance procedures performed so we can always be aware of the life of the components in the tool string. This process enables us to proactively service our technology maximizing downhole performance and minimizing downtime. There is no guesswork involved when it comes to the integrity of our tools — our customers can always be sure that each asset is ready to perform at the highest level.
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