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GeoSight360 Azimuthal Gamma

Enhanced reservoir visualization for optimized well placement.
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There is a new bar for data quality and downhole reliability

ProDirectional’s GeoSight360 Azimuthal Gamma provides operators with high resolution geological information so they can determine the optimal placement for their wellbore — maximizing production through enhanced geosteering. The rugged design of our innovative technology allows for amplified reservoir understanding while minimizing the potential for NPT.

Have a clear picture of your reservoir while drilling to optimally place your wellbore for production

High speed binning allows data to be calculated at rates up to 3,000Hz for excellent resolution. GeoSight360 is configurable for 2, 4, or 8 sector imaging in real-time as well as 16 sector imaging in memory. This enables operators to have clear decision making on trajectory changes. Our proprietary compression algorithms allow for maximized data transmission for well placement. This system is compatible with both our Sprint and Octane MWD ecosystems.

Never comprise reliability for enhanced reservoir knowledge

Proprietary dual-focused gamma detectors provide 100% redundancy to enhance reliability. The system is rated to 383F / 195C to support a broad range of challenging applications. We utilize the industry’s most stringent repair standards to ensure the tools on location are always fit for duty — no matter the conditions.

Minimize your investment and risk while maximizing your returns

GeoSight360 is wireline retrievable and does not require a custom tool carrier, limiting lost in hole exposure. The technology is modular in design, so that it can be added as an enhancement to our existing MWD service. With less risk, operators can maximize their use of our technology.

Find out why GeoSight 360 Azimuthal Gamma is the smart decision

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Bulk gamma versus azimuthal gamma: to maximize production, the answer is clear

With ProDirectional’s GeoSight360 Azimuthal Gamma, operators get better data collection for optimized decision making — at a price that fits within their budget. Let us help you enhance your wellbore placement.
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