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Jam Isolation System (JIS)

Minimize inner barrel jamming for optimal performance.

Enhancing the coring process for our customers — and the industry

ProDirectional’s jam isolation technology takes mitigating inner barrel jams to a whole new level. With an industry-leading 5 jam capacity, we are increasing our ability to cut longer cores while reducing NPT and minimizing the number of trips associated with inner barrel jams.

Isolate jams and keep the core intact

ProDirectional’s JIS captures highly fractured sections at the source without significantly increasing the inner barrel annular space. This reduces jamming and allows for continued coring while minimizing potential downtime. Shear points configured based on rock strength provide accurate and reliable deployments. With increased efficiencies, optimized performance, and longer cores, ProDirectional is consistently outperforming the competition.

Reduce cost with fewer runs

Longer core runs offer operators the ability to cut more core in less time. With our JIS technology, operators reduce cost while cutting more core per run and eliminating unproductive days due to excessive tripping. With this increased piece of mind, JIS provides a priceless insurance option for our clients.

Trust the industry leader in conventional coring

ProDirectional has extensive experience coring across the U.S. and abroad with more than 150 years of collective coring experience. Our expertise and in-house engineering capabilities have allowed us to create a coring system that exceeds client expectations and maximizes efficiency.

Learn how ProDirectional’s jam system (JIS) provides multi-jam isolation in even the most harsh formations.

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Welcome to the future of coring

Coring equipment across the industry has not been modified since its introduction in the early days of the oil and gas industry — until now. ProDirectional is changing this paradigm by offering fit-for-purpose solutions with a focus on innovative technology and improving coring efficiency.
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