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Directional drilling and coring services with a focus on continuous innovation, service excellence, and reliability

Offering directional drilling services in all major U.S. basins and coring operations for clients around the world.


Innovation, quality, trust. That’s ProDirectional.

When the founders of ProDirectional established the company in 2001, they had a vision of a better way to provide services to E&P operators. Through practical innovation, strategic partnerships, and a robust quality management system, we have differentiated our directional drilling and coring services from our competitors. Our belief in developing and retaining the best talent in the industry leads to results that always exceed our clients’ expectations.

Why is ProDirectional the right partner for your operation? We apply our deep application experience in all major basins across the United States to innovative in-house technology and combine it with engineered solutions from strategic partners in the industry.

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Here’s what makes ProDirectional stand out from the rest

Strong competency in a broad range of drilling environments:

Our teams have a wealth of knowledge on how to service and maintain our equipment in order to minimize failures and non-productive time (NPT). We complete mission-specific pre-deployment protocols that enhance performance in severe conditions.

In-house application engineers:

Our engineers are integrated in day-to-day operations, providing real-time expertise to customers. We’re diagnosing issues in the field, providing troubleshooting to reduce NPT, and constantly looking for ways to upgrade tools, processes, and technology.

Pushing the limits for remote operations:

Our remote operating center has seen every operational challenge there is, so we know how to resolve it faster and more effectively. We access the collective knowledge of our remote operators, MWD and directional coordinators, tech services personnel, and engineers to get customers back up and running fast.

Our mission is to reduce NPT and mitigate potential failures so our customers can achieve their desired outcomes.

These are the values our team members live by each day


We’re not just acting out of instinct. Our team has decades of cultivated experience and expertise that they rely on to make informed decisions in real time.


We take great pride in delivering high performance for our customers, and we approach it from different angles such as technology, processes, safety, and operations.


It’s important that our customers trust in us. We don’t want you to lose any sleep when you’re working with ProDirectional, which is why we’re highly focused on reliability.


Our track record speaks for itself. We guide our customers towards the right solutions based on data, our experience, and the results they want to achieve.

ProDirectional Drilling Team Values

Our quality program is like no other in the industry

Our driving principle at ProDirectional is to enhance performance while reducing non-productive time. How do we do this? By ensuring that every tool we run is fit for the service it will be performing.

An aspect that differentiates ProDirectional is that we own the equipment we use on our jobs — and we’re the only ones that service this equipment between jobs. What makes this fact so special?

Many other directional drilling companies rent third-party tools to provide services. Because of this, they have no control over quality standards and they have limited knowledge on the level of maintenance being performed.

We can guarantee the quality and reliability of our equipment. Others simply can’t.

In addition to owning the tools we utilize in service, we also:

  • Verify all parts specifications meet engineering design standards
  • Have the industry’s most strict standards for repairing our motors, MWD components, and coring equipment
  • Utilize proprietary pre-deployment testing protocols to evaluate equipment to the highest standard before it is sent to the jobsite

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