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Directional drilling services with a focus on technology, reliability, and quality — for a broad range of demanding applications.

Enhance performance, reduce NPT

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Enhance performance, reduce NPT

Directional drilling services with a focus on technology, reliability, and quality — for a broad range of demanding applications.
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We help you meet budget requirements and reduce non-productive time on your wells

At ProDirectional, your goals are our goals. Our range of directional drilling solutions inspire confidence in our customers.

    MWD Technology

    We provide unprecedented product reliability in all environments, including high-temperature.

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    Motor Technology

    Our optimal motor configurations meet our customers’ specific drilling application requirements.

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    Remote Operations

    With 24/7 real-time support, we mitigate failures, troubleshoot issues, and provide engineering services on demand.

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    We deliver quality core through innovative technology that maximizes geological intelligence for your reservoir.

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    Our wellsite fluids services are built on our vast experience in completions and production applications.

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    Here’s what ProDirectional offers:

    Innovation, quality, trust. That’s ProDirectional.

    When the founders of ProDirectional established the company in 2001, they had a vision of a better way to provide services to E&P operators. Through practical innovation, strategic partnerships, and a robust quality management system, we have differentiated our directional drilling and coring services from our competitors. Our belief in developing and retaining the best talent in the industry leads to results that always exceed our clients’ expectations.

    Why is ProDirectional the right partner for your operation? We apply our deep application experience in all major basins across the United States to innovative in-house technology and combine it with engineered solutions from strategic partners in the industry.

    Innovation Quality Products - ProDirectional

    In-house application engineers

    Innovation Quality Products - ProDirectional

    Real-time remote operations

    Innovation Quality Products - ProDirectional

    R&M and QA/QC standards

    Innovation Quality Products - ProDirectional

    Pre-deployment protocols

    Innovation Quality Products - ProDirectional

    Tremendous safety culture

    Open communication. Full transparency. Mutual trust. That’s how we work together.


    We understand your needs:

    Our sales team gathers area-specific information about the geology and drilling challenges of your application to determine the optimal solution.


    We share our expertise:

    Our applications engineering and operations team will present comprehensive offset analyses and recommend solutions aimed at delivering best-in-class performance.


    We get to work:

    Once the project is awarded, we drive to exceed operational expectations, mitigating any issues in real time along the way and keep you up to date with daily progress.


    We continually enhance performance:

    To help you drill better wells, our operations and applications engineering teams provide frequent KPI reviews and discuss feedback.

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    When you’re operating in harsh conditions, you deserve a service provider that can deliver results

    ProDirectional — our technology, processes, and people are here for you.

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