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Ensure a successful coring project whether it’s a routine job or one with technical challenges.

ProCoring offers technology, equipment, and experience for flawless service execution.

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Conventional coring services delivered in an unconventional way

We recognize the investment being made to recover core from your reservoir — and we take that investment decision as seriously as you do. Our experienced team of coring experts work hand-in-hand with you to plan each aspect of your coring program. This includes considering all the expected challenges and thoroughly evaluating procedures to mitigate risk and increase efficiency.

As expected, we provide industry-leading tools and unmatched experienced personnel. However, we take it one step further by utilizing innovative technologies like CoreSight™ to monitor real-time downhole data during coring operations. As a result, we increase ROP and efficiencies while maximizing core recovery.

CoreSight™ patented real-time downhole coring dynamics

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Jam Isolation System (JIS) with an industry-leading five-jam capacity

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The highest quality core bits designed to maximize performance

A proprietary range of BHA designs to core any formation

On-site core processing services to optimally stabilize the recovered core

Offering a portfolio of tools and technologies to meet the demands of a broad array of coring applications

No two core jobs are alike, and each coring application presents a unique combination of needs and challenges. We start by asking the right questions to understand your project requirements, the geology, and any foreseen issues. We then use this information to design a coring program that is fit for purpose to meet your specific needs.

We utilize a mix of the following technologies and capabilities based on the needs of your coring project:

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Prodirectional Coring and Reservoir Insights

Maximize the insight gained from your conventional core job with real-time downhole tools

At ProDirectional, we understand that conventional coring is critically important to our clients. Through a successful coring project, you get deep insight about one of your most valuable assets: your reservoir.

We plan out each job to ensure we use the right technology, processes, and experienced personnel to recover your core in a timely and efficient manner. Regardless of any challenges or surprises that come up along the way, we are prepared with the right solutions to complete a successful project.

See our conventional coring services in action


If you are looking to core highly fractured or highly interbedded formations, ProDirectional's Jam Isolation System (JIS) is your solution.

With an industry leading 5 jam capacity, our tool is configured based on rock strength to provide accurate and reliable deployments. This reduces NPT from tripping and allows us to cut longer, high quality core runs. Through a focus on technology and years of collective coring experience ProDirectional is transforming the coring process for our customers.

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ProDirectional has established a track record that has resulted in us being known as one of the top conventional coring companies.

We recently added to our achievements by setting another run length record in the Uintah basin. Our experience in Utah is vast and we have helped clients successfully recover their cores to collect highly valuable geological data about their reservoir.

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ProDirectional has changed the game with the ability to monitor core movement in the inner barrel with CoreSight(TM), our real time downhole data technology.

Alleviating a major issue associated with unconsolidated formations, CoreSight allows our experts to monitor and adjust parameters during coring operations to ensure your rock is accurately being recovered in the inner tube.

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Pro recently expanded its geographic reach by coring a well for a major operator on the North Slope in Alaska.

Although the conditions were harsh. Our team executed the job flawlessly from shipping tools to cutting and recovering 390 feet of high quality core.

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The ProCoring Team recently completed three concurrent jobs in multiple basins where #CoreSight was used to optimize coring through the implementation of real time downhole data.

The results are eye opening! • 1,900 Feet Cut • 100% Recovery • 98% Efficiency • 8 Days Saved • $520,000 in savings to operator • We are not reinventing coring, we're just making it a whole lot better.

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    Our commitment to innovation has positioned us as the leader in conventional coring

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