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ProFlex and ProFlex Titanium Drilling Motor Transmissions

Industry-leading durability and reliability for any downhole drilling application.
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Mechanical failure just isn’t an option for successful operators

Time is money. Our clients want to be able to drill every hole section, including VCLs, without having to trip out of hole. They want a reliable solution that is going to meet their needs every time.

However, many of the directional assemblies on the market today cannot consistently drill long lengths without having a mechanical failure in the motor, oftentimes as a result of the transmission. To make this even more challenging, drillers are pushing more power to their assemblies through increased weight on bit and RPM, and the industry is delivering even more robust power sections. Conventional drilling motor transmissions are simply not built to handle this overload of energy. As a result, drillers are not able to reach TD in a single run on longer-length intervals because of wear and tear to the transmission.

Until now, of course.

Our ProFlex transmission series is changing the landscape of mud motor technology.


A premium drive train for drilling vertical, curve, and lateral applications.

ProFlex Titanium

A titanium power train designed for ultra-long intervals, including VCL runs that require extreme durability.
a mud motor in the foreground with an oil drilling rig in the background in the Permian basin.

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Proprietary drilling motor technology you can depend on


Increase downhole success

Our ProFlex and ProFlex Titanium power trains enable clients to drill multiple sections in a single run without the risk of mechanical failure. Reduce NPT time and get to TD with improved performance when you have the right technology for the job.

Get predictable results

The ProFlex Titanium difference is in the proprietary design. With no articulation point, which is typically the point of failure, the transmission is more durable and reliable when transferring power to the drill bit. ProFlex Titanium is a single piece designed to reduce fatigue and damage while drilling, ensuring reliability and durability.

Utilize application engineering expertise

Our cradle-to-grave lifecycle management means that we engineer, build, own, repair, and use all of our mud motors ourselves. Through this vertical integration, we have uniquely engineered the ProFlex design to drastically minimize the amount of mechanical parts while enhancing performance.
ProFlex Titanium

See the ProFlex Titanium in action

ProDirectional drilled a two-mile lateral well spud to TD in 4.69 days using the ProFlex Titanium, drastically increasing speed while lowering drilling costs for our client.

Reach TD in a single run on long-length wells with no risk of mechanical failure

The ProFlex and ProFlex Titanium drilling motor transmissions can handle it all.
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