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Pressure While Drilling Service

Reduce drilling risk and uncertainty with rugged and reliable proprietary drilling technology.
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Evaluate drilling conditions with highly accurate real-time data

Engineering models can help you calculate downhole pressure — but in certain conditions, you need more than just calculations. ProDirectional’s Pressure While Drilling (PWD) service provides accurate drill pipe and annular pressure measurements during drilling operations, so you can quickly determine real-time equivalent circulating density (ECD).

Our PWD system can be combined with both Sprint and Octane MWD ecosystems to provide a fast and highly reliable service up to 175c

Reduce drilling concerns in challenging environments

PWD services are not always used in directional drilling. However, when you need them, nothing else will do. There are a number of challenging drilling environments where reliable real-time downhole pressure and ECD insight can help mitigate significant risk and potential for failure. Some of these challenging environments include:

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Seamless integration for your convenience

Contained within a sub that is engineered to integrate at the wellsite with our Sprint or Octane MWD systems, our PWD service ensures a smooth process. Our proprietary technology and design allow us to pick up these tools when needed and deliver real-time pressure services as part of our full suite of directional drilling services.

Designed in-house by our skilled engineers, our highly trained team maintains these tools after every use to the standards that you have come to expect from us. The result? Reliability. Consistency. Ease. That’s ProDirectional.

Get valuable downhole insight to further reduce your risk of NPT

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