ProDirectional Delivers Successful Conventional Coring Results During Extreme Weather Conditions in Remote Alaska

July 19, 2023
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Harnessing Expertise and Advanced Technology for Successful Coring Operations in Extreme Conditions

Coring operations can be performed almost anywhere in the world if you have the right technology and operational support. In spite of extreme conditions, such as remote icy tundras or scorching sandy deserts, operators can successfully meet their geology requirements. However, it all depends on whether they are working with the right coring partners who have a high level of expertise and the right equipment.

The Problem

Recently, one of our clients located on the North Slope in Alaska was looking to carry out a large coring project. However, due to regulatory requirements and weather conditions, there was a very small window of time where they could core and carry out operations. If they missed this window, they’d be left waiting months for the next optimal time — or face project cancellation.

With this in mind, they asked ProDirectional to help plan and support operations to ensure there were no major delays in equipment mobilization or project execution. They wanted a partner who was experienced in working in extreme weather conditions.

The Solution

The target formation was over 350 feet of mixed lithology that required multiple preceding techniques to adequately cut and recover the core in the short amount of time available. We started by mobilizing the technology and personnel well in advance of the operation to prevent any delays. Because of the remoteness of the location, each aspect of the operation was planned down to the minute. We couldn’t risk anything going wrong because that could result in week-long delays or project cancellation. We not only had all of the necessary equipment, but backups as well in case there were any unforeseen or remedial issues during mobilization or coring operations. 

Our experienced engineers and crew looked at every possible scenario, checked all equipment multiple times, and sent everything on its way for the multi-week journey to the North Slope. Our crew arrived at the coring site several days in advance of when the project was set to commence so that we could prepare. We built in extra time for weather and travel delays as well as for checking all of the equipment once it arrived.

Pro Alaska Oil

The Result

The project went off without a hitch.

We cored over 350 feet over the three runs with perfect recovery and efficiency. Because of extreme weather conditions, the rig sites were fully enclosed and heated. This made pickup and laydown operations tricky, even for the most experienced crew. However, our highly skilled personnel were up for the challenge. They were able to pick up and lay down without any delays, ensuring the necessary core was acquired. 

Once completed, we packed and demobilized our equipment for the four-week journey back to our headquarters in Conroe, Texas.

The client was thrilled with the level of professionalism and expertise our crew offered. They said: “Thanks for all of the support with this project. Things went remarkably well and it has been highlighted as a business unit success in multiple management meetings. Should you need any references for other operators in the future, feel free to point them our way. We’d be happy to pass along a good review, particularly in support of our remote operation.”

When it comes to conventional core acquisition, ProDirectional is the leader — no matter the geography or weather conditions. Whether you’re working in a highly remote location or facing extreme heat or cold, you can count on ProDirectional to get the job done.

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