Permian Operator Drills One-Run Well from Kickoff to TD in Record Time With ProDirectional

November 2, 2023
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

The Challenge

An operator in the Permian Basin was looking to optimize drilling operations by reducing trip time and non-productive time. Their wells were being drilled with designated assemblies for vertical, curve, and lateral (VCL) sections, creating several days of trip time. This resulted in the operator having higher AFEs to drill each well.

They wanted to see if they could minimize their total trip time by drilling the vertical, curve, and lateral sections in a single run.

The Solution

At ProDirectional, we excel in engineering solutions to solve complex problems related to directional drilling. When an operator comes to us and tells us what they want to do, we know we can find a way to make it happen. 

Our application engineering team reviewed the challenges of the geology and well plan to determine the most suitable motor and operating parameters required to drill vertical, curve, and lateral sections in one interval.

We selected our ProPower motor BHA for the operator, which utilized our proprietary ProFlex transmission with a Pro 7” premium power section — a highly reliable and durable solution. Together, with optimal drilling parameters and experienced field personnel, we knew our strategy would lead to the desired performance and outcomes. 

The operator reviewed our directional drilling expertise and was confident that they wanted us to apply our knowledge to their drilling program to help them reach their operational goals.

The Result

ProDirectional reduced trip time and non-productive time by drilling the operator’s well with just one assembly for the vertical, curve, and lateral on the very first attempt, resulting in the fastest ever well for the operator.

Instead of taking multiple days to drill vertical, curve, and lateral, we shaved off a considerable amount of time, saving them valuable days to TD the well. The operator not only saved time, but also saved on the associated daily operational expenses.

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