What client success looks like at ProDirectional

March 21, 2024
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We’re focused on your results

Continuous innovation, service excellence, and reliability. That’s what we’re known for at ProDirectional. However, we don’t innovate for the sake of finding a new way to do things. For us, it all comes down to enabling our clients to reach the kind of success they’re aiming for.

Whether it’s developing new MWD tools, enhancing industry-leading mud motors, or finding a more efficient way to repair and maintain equipment, we leverage our expertise to deliver value to our clients in a way they haven’t seen before. The collective best efforts of our application engineering, field operators, remote operations specialists, coordinators, project managers, and other team members is what leads to client success — and our clients always know they can depend on us.

It’s not enough to just say these things; however. With many success stories under our belts, we wanted to share a recent engagement with a client in the Eagle Ford / South Texas region that really encapsulates our commitment to excellence.

In fact, you can hear the words straight from the client themselves: 

“To the whole team, I commend you for your unceasing resolve to push for performance and influencing all our service partners to do the same!”

Why do they feel this way? Let’s find out!

Saving time and costs on a challenging well pad

Any operator will tell you that when you’re dealing with a challenging well pad with multiple wells that have long laterals, your bottom line isn’t always going to look the way you want it to. At ProDirectional, when we’re faced with such conditions, we bring in our application engineers — industry-leading minds with extensive experience in this area — to devise a drilling plan that exceeds client expectations.

  • 6-well pad 
  • Two 4-K laterals and four 6-K laterals
  • One science pilot hole well

Our team developed a well plan which included:

  • Motor: [Name motor and link to motor page]
  • MWD tools: [Name MWD tool and link to tool page]
  • [Any other tools] 

The result? The drilling performance on this pad outshone every other pad since the beginning of this operator’s drilling program.

  • All-time basin records: 2,937 FT/DAY and 2,853 FT/DAY
  • On average records: 538 FT/DAY over goal
  • All-well average: 2,200 FT/DAY
  • Schedule: 9.7 days under plan
  • Costs: $1.9 million under plan
  • Work breakdown structure: 13% under plan

More than impressive numbers

The level of client success this operator achieved may sound unique, but it is only one story with many others just like it. Our commitment to client success is something we focus on every day and with every client.

Here is what this client noted as part of our standout performance:

  • Navigating challenging conditions: Normally when you see this type of drilling performance, it correlates with a flat lateral path. However, with this pad, we drilled laterals containing over 250 ft of vertical throws caused by several faults and over 38 degrees of plan changes in the lateral alone.
  • Attention to health, safety, and the environment: Over the course of this engagement with the client, there were zero accidents, incidents, or spills.
  • Professional operations: We monitored and followed clean-up cycles, trip speed, and excess drag protocols to ensure a clean wellbore after trips for production casing runs.
  • Impeccable communication: ProDirectional was in continuous communication with the geosteering team to adjust the optimal drilling window while navigating through 250+ ft of vertical throw in the lateral.
  • Consistent downhole tool reliability: The client was continuously impressed with the reliability of our MWD tools and mud motor equipment. This is as a direct result of our repair and maintenance program, ensuring each piece of equipment can perform reliably under challenging conditions in the field.
  • Remote operations support: Our Remote Operations Center provided a wealth of expertise to the field operators, the team was ready to troubleshoot any issue that arose on any well in the pad.
  • Minimal non-productive time: We averaged under five hours of non-productive time on all non-science wells. 

On top of all that, what really stood out to the client was our team’s collaboration with their rig crew and service partners. We are all working on the same project and we’re on the same team. This means that our field crew is there to support the operator’s rig crew and other service providers that are there at the well — because we know we are only as strong as the weakest link.

Your success is our mission 

Client success means everything to our team, which is why we are constantly focused on innovative solutions to challenging situations. Whether you’re dealing with a difficult well pad with long laterials or something else, our application engineers are ready to roll up their sleeves and figure out a well plan that will help you reach your goals — and most likely exceed them, too.

Get in touch with ProDirectional today to learn more about our commitment to client success and our innovative approach to drilling.

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