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Karen O’Neal

Executive Chairperson

Karen O’Neal is an esteemed pioneer in the industry, co-founding ProDirectional, where she now serves as the Executive Chairperson of the Board. Her journey in the sector began at Wilson Industries, where her talent and drive saw her advance through numerous positions, culminating in her role as the downhole motor and MWD division manager. Her expertise was further recognized and utilized following Smith International’s acquisition of Wilson Industries, leading to her appointment as the U.S. Manager for Smith’s Downhole motor and MWD divisions.

Ms. O’Neal’s leadership is characterized by foresight and adaptability, qualities that were instrumental in transitioning ProDirectional from a startup to the industry benchmark it is known as today. Her extensive experience and profound knowledge underpin the company’s ability to stay ahead of market trends and continuously meet and exceed client expectations. Her commitment to innovation and quality continues to guide ProDirectional’s path forward, ensuring the company’s position at the cutting edge of the industry.

Our leadership team continuously develops our team and the industry as a whole to reach higher levels of success.

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